Simplifying AI Training Data

A complete solution for taking control of your training data, with fast labeling tools,
human workforce, data management, and automation features.


An AI model is only as good as its
Training Data

We provide an end-to-end solution for image annotation with fast labeling tools, synthetic data generation, data management, automation features and annotation services on-demand with integrated tooling to accelerate and finish computer vision projects.


Our Product

When every pixel matters, you need accurate, AI-powered intuitive image annotation tools to support your specific use case, including instances, attributes and much more.

We provide a powerful image annotation tool for classification, object detection, and segmentation with automation features.


Annotation Services

Our in-house highly trained data labelers are able to deal with any data challenge. As your data labeling needs grow over time, you can count on us to scale the workforce necessary to meet your goals, and in contrast to crowdsourcing platforms your data quality will not suffer.


Synthetic data generation

We take data augmentation to the next level, by synthetically expanding your training dataset and enhancing it to obtain better results.

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